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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Georgia Center for Healthier Communities?

The Georgia Center for Healthier Communities is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to building a healthier Georgia through thoughtful analysis, sound policy, strategic partnerships and community benefits. The center is housed with Piedmont Healthcare’s community benefits department.

Why was the Georgia Center for Healthier Communities created?

In mid-2012, Piedmont Healthcare began an intensive community health needs assessment process in each of its five communities. In it, several common trends emerged – the prevalence of unmanaged chronic conditions, high obesity rates, limited access to necessary care, a limited mental health infrastructure, and high rates of certain disease states, such as heard disease, diabetes, hypertension and stroke. Further investigation showed the prevalence of the same issues throughout Georgia and the south.

Piedmont realized that most effective way to combat these issues was both through strong community benefit programs and pro-community health local and state policies geared to promote good health, particularly among more vulnerable populations. Through the center, we’ll have a multi-tiered approach to addressing these key issues that affect us all.

What is the goal of the center?

We want to create a sustainable, positive impact on the common yet complex health issues affecting Georgia’s communities, with a particular emphasis around identified community needs.

Is the work only for communities with a Piedmont hospital?

There are five Piedmont hospitals throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area, specifically in Fulton, Coweta, Fayette, Pickens and Henry counties. We will concentrate on both these communities as well as Georgia as a whole. Additionally, we will ensure all work we do is easily replicable in other communities.

How the center funded?

Piedmont Healthcare funds the center, and reports its activities to the Internal Revenue Service in its IRS Form 990 Schedule H as community benefit-related advocacy efforts. Community benefits are the programs and activities a nonprofit hospital does in exchange for its tax-exempt status. Because the center will work on behalf of community health, it can be counted as a community benefit. If we do receive philanthropic or other funding for our efforts, it will still all be held within the community benefit parameters.

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