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The Georgia Center for Healthier Communities is a non-partisan research, advocacy and educational organization committed to building a healthier Georgia. We do this through a multi-tiered approach that includes community building, the promotion of pro-community policy and the formation of strategic partnerships.


Combating obesity

Obesity is a critical public health issue for Georgia, with approximately 30 percent of the state weighing in at an unhealthy level. Georgia currently ranks as the 17th most obese state in the nation, and diseases related to obesity continue to climb. Georgia’s diabetes rates have doubled in the past 15 years; during that same time, hypertension rates grew by 50 percent. For those living at or below the poverty level, the rates are even higher. Learn more about how we will work to address this issue.

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Ensuring access to necessary care

Access to necessary care is one of the most crucial health issue facing Georgia’s communities, and this is especially true for uninsured, underinsured and publicly-insured populations.

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