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About Us

Founded by Piedmont Healthcare in 2012, the Georgia Center for Healthier Communities works to inform and influence health policy on the local and state level, and most importantly, to improve health and health care throughout Georgia’s communities. We strive to be a leading force in creating sustainable, positive change in Georgia health policy and the health care delivery system.

To accomplish this, the Georgia Center for Healthier Communities:

  • Promotes public policy that betters the health of all Georgia communities
  • Educates policymakers and elected officials of the importance of a sound, well-reasoned legislative and regulatory approach to health
  • Organizes coalitions around key topics as to help foster substantive dialogue that will boost the shared efforts of the health advocacy community
  • Informs the public of pressing health policy issues through the provision of educational materials, including a newsletter, an informational website and public service announcements
  • Engages consumers by helping them see their role in the public policy process, and empowering them to become involved in identified key health policy issues
  • Supports the efforts of community-based organizations working to ensure a safer and healthier populace
  • Researches key topics to craft a thoughtful approach to the health issues facing the state’s communities, and develop strategies to address these issues

By providing an independent source of health policy information for consumers, policymakers, and community stakeholders, we are able to design collaborative solutions to the health issues facing Georgia’s communities.

Our Staff

Matt Gove
Executive director
(404) 425-7335

Matt Gove joined Piedmont Healthcare as a senior vice president in October 2011, and he oversees external affairs, marketing, corporate communications, web development, community benefit and public relations. Matt came to Piedmont from Grady Health System; there he was senior vice president for marketing and external affairs. Matt is the executive director of the Georgia Center for Healthier Communities.

Holly Lang
Deputy director
(404) 425-7339

Holly Lang joined Piedmont Healthcare in March 2012 as the director of community benefits and external affairs. She is charged with the assessment and oversight of programs aimed at vulnerable populations. As deputy director, Holly oversees the daily activities and policy initiatives for the Georgia Center for Healthier Communities.